Coding of verbatim terms is a specialized function, the speed, accuracy and consistency of which, have direct effect on the safety of drug or device being monitored. Coding from within a safety database may adversely affect these parameters as most of such systems are not designed to ensure quality of coding as they should be. This may result in delayed, inaccurate or inconsistent safety reports that further affects the quality of safety analytics and understanding of the safety profile of drugs.

The centralized Rapid Auto Coding Engine of PACE, thanks to its Self-Correcting Algorithm for Auto-coding and Adaptive & Intelligent Synonym List Engine, ensures speed, accuracy and consistency of coded output that drives purposeful safety analytics, in real-time.

PACE Safety, an up coming Clearight system, has option to enter safety case information directly into the system. It also supports import of data from standard spread sheets or flat files. The functionality to import and export data as standard XML or ASCII files expands the possibilities of getting data into PACE for coding centrally, enabling exchange of data between disparate systems.

PACE centralized coding system can be seamlessly integrated with any Clinical Data or Safety Database. PACE Safety comes preconfigured to readily interface with popular enterprise safety database.

The role based user access and inbuilt audit trail functionalities confirm to secured and authorized use of data and information.