PACE CE is an embeddable dictionary coding engine with web service interfaces for easy integration with any safety or CDM database. Its Advanced Dictionary Management and Coding capabilities enable Rapid multi terminology event recording and coding with standard medical dictionaries such as MedDRA, WHODRUG, ICD and user defined custom dictionaries.

The Adaptive Intelligent Synonym List Engine of PACE takes care of common data entry errors such as Spelling mistakes, illegible terms, abbreviations and multi-axiality of terms by suggesting alternates supported by its in-built scoring algorithm.

The Self-Correcting Algorithm for Auto-coding ensure the verbatim terms are coded accurately and consistently, every time.

In-built scoring algorithm of PACE scores and ranks possible alternates thus serving as Integrated Decision Support System to associate the verbatim terms to the most appropriate term during the process of manual coding.

PACE is developed in compliance with regulatory standards such as 21 CFR Part 11 and audit trail functionality.